Hotel Vajolet - Südtirol

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Vitalpina HotelWe live for the mountains, we love nature

Welcome to Alpinhotel Vajolet – A Part of the VitalpinaHotels Family

Our passion for the Alps and our commitment to exceptional hospitality have connected us with a very special community – the VitalpinaHotels. As a member of this exclusive hotel group, we share the values that shape our offerings and services. Here, you’ll learn what makes our partnership so unique.

The VitalpinaHotels – Where Nature and Hospitality Meet

The VitalpinaHotels are a network of selected alpine hotels in the most beautiful regions of the Alps. What binds us together are common values that shape our actions and philosophy:

Nature Connection: We share a deep connection to nature and its beauty. Our hotels are nestled in breathtaking landscapes that inspire us and offer pure relaxation.
Authentic Experiences: VitalpinaHotels are not just about accommodations; they are about unforgettable experiences. We provide authentic activities and culinary delights that make your stay truly special.
Health and Well-being: Your health and well-being are at the center of our actions. That’s why we offer wellness facilities, sports activities, and culinary options that enhance your quality of life.
Sustainability: We are aware of our responsibility to the environment. Our hotels adopt sustainable practices, from energy efficiency to the use of regional products.

Your Stay at Alpinhotel Vajolet – A Part of This Heritage

As a member of VitalpinaHotels, we implement these values at our Alpinhotel Vajolet. We offer not only comfortable accommodations and excellent service but also the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Alps in a unique way. From thrilling outdoor activities to relaxing wellness offerings – we invite you to discover the Alps with all your senses.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Alpinhotel Vajolet and being part of the VitalpinaHotels experience. Let’s create unforgettable moments in the Alps together.