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The mountain village Tiers am Rosengarten

The municipality of Tiers, which has a population of something less than 1000 inhabitants, is located between 700 and 3002 meters above sea level, and is part of the Nature Park Schlern-Rosengarten. In addition to the village of Tiers, St. Zyprian, Breien and Weisslahnbad belong also to the municipality.

Tiers itself lies in the rear section of the Tiers valley on the right side of the valley at 1028 m altitude. In addition to peace and quiet, you will also find plenty of variety in everyday life in the city. Although a holiday in Tiers am Rosengarten takes place mainly in still intact nature, the place is close to other beautiful towns and cities and is well connected to the public transport network.

The mountain village of Tiers am Rosengarten

Excursions on holiday in Tiers on the Rosengarten

How do you imagine your holiday in Tiers am Rosengarten? Would you like to undertake extensive hikes or mountain tours through the Dolomites? Or would you prefer to indulge in winter sports and endless slopes down? In Tiers you have the possibility to do all this and much more.

You can also visit other places. The provincial capital of Bozen (16.3 km) as well as the towns of Brixen (41 km) and Sterzing (74.9 km) are definitely worth a visit with their fortresses, castles and museums. Also Völs am Schlern (17.7 km) and the Seiser Alm (27.5 km) await with exciting offers for an active holiday, as well as the places Welschnofen (26.3 km) and Steinegg (12.8 km).

The Carezza ski resort (18.5 km) can be reached by bus in the shortest possible time, but you can also opt for an excursion to the also nearby ski resorts Latemar-Obereggen and Gröden / Seiser Alm.       

Tips for your holiday in Tiers am Rosengarten

The Nature Park Schlern-Rosengarten has numerous climbing, hiking and alpine trails. Explore the many paths guided by an experienced nature park guide or let the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner take you into the mysterious mountain world of King Laurin. In the nature park house, which is located at the entrance of the Tiers Tschamin valley in St. Zyprian, you will learn more about the history and geology of the park.

Immediately in Tiers am Rosengarten you will find the mysterious Thalerbühel, about which the archaeologist assume that it is a fire place from the middle Iron Age. Along this square is also the popular path of contemplation, which has the theme of Christ’s Passion. The alpine pasture Wuhnleger offers many surprises: Enjoy the flora and fauna of the species, marvel at the Rosengarten, which is reflected in the pond, and discover bomb pits from the Second World War.

The church of St. George with its attached cemetery is decorated with the red onion-domed towers a beautiful motif for a holiday photo, and at the village entrance of Tiers you will find an old but restored water mill, which you can also visit from inside. If you want to walk in the footsteps of the knights, visit the medieval castle of Prösels near Völs am Schlern and admire the interesting collection of weapons from the 19th century.

Excursions on holiday in Tiers on the Rosengarten